Tweet this! #Top50 includes FSU, UGA, Tech and … Kiffin?

Another national title for Jimbo? (AP file photo)

These ratings differ from our norm. For one thing, this is a Top 50, not a Top 25. For another, we’ve done these Twitter-style, which means: No more than 140 characters per team. Which means: For the sake of character count, we’ve flouted #NewspaperStyle a time or two. But #BrevityIsTheSoulOfWit, as I believe @AmosAlonzoStagg once said. And away we go:

1. Florida State

If you can win @theACC Atlantic, recent history proves you can win @CFBplayoff. Here’s next division/national champ — @FSU_Football.

2. Alabama

Sans @Lane_Kiffin, Tide simplifies offense, meaning more #PowerRunning. But will @Tuaamann_ create #QBcontroversy for @AlabamaFTBL?

3. Ohio State

Crushing loss to @ClemsonFB was unlike @OSUCoachMeyer. @OhioStateFB will win nothing of consequence if @JT_theQB4th can’t complete a pass.

4. USC

@USC_Athletics won nine straight to close last season. Hype for Sam Darnold, who doesn’t have @Twitter account, is off the charts.

5. Washington

@pac12 title game will match UW_Football vs. @USC_Athletics. They don’t meet in regular season, which is why both are ranked this high.

6. Oklahoma

@OU_CoachStoops coaches @OU_Football no more. Job belongs to @LincolnRiley, who’s 33, but who still has QB @baker_mayfield6.

7. Penn State

@PennStateFBall shook @bigten by stunning @OhioStateFB and reaching @rosebowlgame. Is there a follow-through for @coachjfranklin?

8. Clemson

@deshaunwatson was best player in @ClemsonFB annals. No way he’s not missed. But Dabo (#NoTwitter) Swinney has built his program to last.

9. Oklahoma State

@CoachGundy is 50, meaning he’s not just a #MAN but a middle-aged one. There’s opportunity here for @CowboyFB to win @Big12Conference.

10. Florida

@GatorsFB has won @SEC East twice in a row but still wasn’t picked as division favorite at #SECMD17. #NoRespect for @CoachMcElwain!

11. Wisconsin

Talk about your #BunnySchedule. @BadgerFootball doesn’t play @OhioStateFB or @PennStateFBall, gets @UMichFootball at home.

12. Auburn

Is @Jarrett_Stidham the next @CameronNewton? No, but the @BUFootball transfer could lift @AuburnFootball and save @CoachGusMalzahn’s job.

13. Louisville

Lest we forget, @Lj_era8 won @HeismanTrophy. He’s back. So’s @CoachPetrinoUL. Did we mention that @theACC Atlantic is wicked?

14. Stanford

Minus @run_cmc, @StanfordFball will have need alternative facts ways to #MoveTheBall. But @KellerChryst and @Blovee_20 seem capable.

15. Michigan

@CoachJim4UM is undefeated on @Twitter, but he hasn’t won @bigten and won’t this time. Which isn’t to say @UMichFootball won’t be good.

16. Georgia

Another strong #SigningDay for @FootballUGA and @KirbySmartUGA. But does @JimChaneyUGA know what to do with @skinnyqb10?

17. Miami

Year 2 for @MarkRicht and his @CanesFootball program will commence without @Kaaya323. But @MarkRicht did OK in Year 2 with @FootballUGA.

18. LSU

There are those who believe @LSUfootball can win @SEC West. We @Twitter folks call that #FAKENEWS @Coach_EdOrgeron is not a head coach.

19. Texas

@CoachTomHerman gets his #BigStage, there being not much bigger than @TexasFootball. @UHCougarFB shares a state, but it’s a #DifferentWorld

20. South Florida

@CoachStrong_USF works here, having been dumped by @TexasFootball. What you mightn’t know is that @USFFootball is coming off an 11-2 season.

21. Kansas State

@CoachBillSnyder is 77 and recovering from throat cancer. He and @KStateFootball have outside shot at winning in-flux @Big12Conference.

22. West Virginia

As does @WVUfootball. @willgrier_ will be the QB, having transferred from @GatorsFB. Maybe he’ll be better under @Holgorsendana

23. Western Kentucky

@WKUFootball has real chance to go unbeaten and make #NewYearsSix run. #Power5 opponents are @IlliniFootball and @VandyFootball.

24. Boise State

As long as @MarkBradleyAJC is doing these rankings, @BroncoSportsFB makes the #Top25. Last year was a down year — at 10-3. #Isaynomore.

25. Washington State

Speaking of @BroncoSportsFB, it plays @wsucougfb in Pullman on Sept. 9. #BigGame. Be advised that @Coach_Leach will #SwingHisSword.

26. Toledo

Could be this year’s @WMU_Football, which went unbeaten in regular season and left @ToledoFB in 2nd place in @MACSports West.

27. Utah

@Utah_Football lost 4 games by a total of 19 points last. This year brings a rough schedule, with road dates @USC_Athletics and UW_Football.

28. Georgia Tech

@GeorgiaTechFB drops seven spots in these rankings w/o @MillsDedrick. @GTPaulJohnson still gets chance to stick it to @SEC on #LaborDay

29. Navy

@NavyFB had designs on #NewYearsSix bowl. That ended with loss in @American_FB title tilt. This year could be better. #AnchorsAweigh

30. Appalachian State

Before @FootballUGA heads to @NDFootball, there’s @AppState_FB, which went 10-3 and nearly beat @Vol_Football last year. #ReallyScaryOpener

31. BYU

Really want to put @BYUFootball higher. Went 9-4 with losses by a total of 8 points. Schedule, alas, includes 4 games vs. #Power5 teams.

32. TCU

Not long ago, @TCUFootball seemed the class of @Big12Conference. It went 6-7 last year. @TCUCoachP is too clever to let that continue.

33. Virginia Tech

It was a heady first season for @CoachFuente with @HokiesFB. @theACC Coastal title will be tough to repeat without QB @rodfor6_, though.

34. North Carolina State

What’s prize for finishing fourth in @theACC Atlantic? A bid to @belkbowl? Were @PackFootball based in Coastal, it might finish first.

35. Notre Dame

@NDFootball lost eight games last season. Apparently none of it was the fault of @CoachBrianKelly, who might soon be ex-@CoachBrianKelly.

36. Iowa

@HawkeyeFootball schedule has become #nationaljoke. With @OhioStateFB aboard, it’s slightly tougher. Could finish 2nd in @bigten West.

37. Northwestern

So could @NUFBFamily, which doesn’t face @OhioStateFB. @coachfitz51 has led program to 37-26 record over past five seasons. #PurplePower

38. Houston

Minus @CoachTomHerman, @UHCougarFB could #breakbad. But @CoachApplewhite seems an OK hire, and @KyleAllen_10, ex-@AggieFootball, is the QB.

39. Texas A&M

Still seeking next @JManziel2. Still wondering if @CoachSumlin is the guy. Since 2012, @AggieFootball 12-15 in @SEC play. #betterdobetter

40. San Diego State

@Aztec_Football is coming off consecutive 11-3 seasons. Schedule’s tougher, with September games against @FootballASU and @StanfordFball

41. Tennessee

That the breakthrough hasn’t happened for @UTCoachJones indicates it probably won’t. No matter, though. @Vol_Football = #ChampionsOfLife

42. Oregon

@oregonfootball played for first @CFBplayoff title. Three years later, it has a new man in @CoachTaggart, who did well @USFFootball.

43. UCLA

As @AtlantaFalcons know, first days of @UCLAJimMora are fine. Record over 1st 3 years @UCLAFootball: 29-11. Record over past 2: 12-13.

44. Arkansas

@BretBielema’s overall record @RazorbackFB: 25-26. His @SEC record: 10-22. It just hasn’t worked. It better work this year. #HotSeatAlert

45. Louisiana Tech

Under @CoachHoltz, son of @ESPNDrLou, @LATechFB nearly beat @RazorbackFB last. It gets a shot @HailStateFB and @GamecockFB this time.

46. Kentucky

If it’s going to happen for @UKCoachStoops, this is the time. @UKFootball went 7-6 last year. Of its 4 toughest games this season, 3 are @KrogerField.

47. Nebraska

@HuskerFBNation lost 4 of final 6 to finish 9-4 for 4th time in the 6 years since joining @bigten. #slouchingtowardirrelevance

48. Colorado

@CoachMikeMac, once a DB @GeorgiaTechFB, won 10 games his first three seasons @RunRalpieRun. He won 10 last season. #wasitafluke

49. North Dakota State

Yes, @NDSUfootball is an FCS program. It’s also THE FCS program. Its title game loss to @JMUFootball snapped run of five national crowns.

50. Florida Atlantic

#WhyTheHeckNot. @Lane_Kiffin now coaches @FAU_Football. He’ll either win big and make us all mad or get fired on the tarmac at FLL.

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1-6 are interchangeable in the Coastal so NC St might finish second to last.


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Todd Girlie
Todd Girlie

Every pick looks excellent, other than ya got my Dawgs ranked a bit too high. A couple of the boys like to get high.


Actually, no one South of the Mason Dixon Line cares about OSU football. They do get some meaningless interest in the blogs. The Clemson team and fans care. They are hoping for a rematch in the playoffs.


One thing Kiffin should learn. If he turns that program into a winner he will get investigated. Knowing Kiffin, that may not be a good thing. Living on the dark side of "the grey area" is the way he operates. Many of the athletes at smaller schools are not academically blessed but athletically they are blessed. Kiffin knows offense and should produce a winner if he has a good DC.


You made a bad mistake leaving Colorado State out of this list. 


Top 50? Isn't it the top 4 that matter. ACC, SEC, and Big Ten 10 champ.

The Pac-10 and Big12 can fight out for the 4th spot.


@McGarnagle  Yep, that's the scenario the NCAA has created. Top 4 or the season was a waste. 



"Big Ten 10" champ???

What the hell is that?!

Grossly overrated Little 10 has NO business in any sort of championship competition, based on its well-documented record of failure over the years vs other conferences--especially vs the SEC in bowl games.


Crushing loss to @ClemsonFB was unlike @OSUCoachMeyer. @OhioStateFB will win nothing of consequence if @JT_theQB4th can’t complete a pass.



Nice list MB.

Get the popcorn ready, and watch for @Jerry Howard

at B-Back on #LaborDay night.