Dwight Howard gone? Yes, and the Hawks’ rebuild has begun

Dwight Howard, shown not playing in an elimination game. (Curtis Compton/AJC)

Marc J. Spears of ESPN’s The Undefeated and Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical broke the news that the Atlanta Hawks are sending Dwight Howard to Charlotte for Marco Belinelli and Mason Plumlee and an exchange of Round 2 picks. This means the long-awaited (at least by me) Hawks Rebuild has begun in earnest.

In theory, clearing Howard’s salary would make affording a max contract for Paul Millsap more affordable, but what’s the point of dumping Howard if you turn around and sink $200 million into a guy who’s even older? (Albeit a better player.) If you’re selling an asset in the attempt to get better later, Step 2 can’t be to splurge. Keep selling.

Not to say I told you so, but I kind of did: I gave the Dwight Experiment little chance of working, and his homecoming is done after 11 1/2 months. And it was just the other day — yesterday, to be precise — that these fingers typed a little something about the Hawks’ need to take a backward step in the effort to move forward. Trading Howard qualifies.

Not to compare every Hawks general manager to Danny Ferry, but this is the sort of thing Ferry did upon arrival. Now Travis Schlenk is taking a similar tack. Good luck to him.

Update: Esteemed colleague Chris Vivlamore has confirmed the reports: Howard is gone. Rebuild’s on. And I say, “Hooray.”

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Plumlee is named Miles, Mike and Mason in this article.

green machine
green machine

Decent nucleus I guess: Shroeder, Prince, Bazemore (hopefully he improves) and an above average coach. But what now? I've been watching this team for close to 40 years now! During that time we've had a grand total of 2 legitimate chances to win a Championship! The Dominique Team that had Boston on the ropes in '87 I believe and the team that won 60 games a few years ago! What gives? The 60'win team was one player away in my opinion--now that team is gone! Those players (all but Paul) are now contributing all around the NBA but we couldn't find a way to keep them??? Didn't want them any more!!! Why???)

I'll be honest--I'm totally confused! How has this happened? Why does this franchise continue to baffle it's fans? How do you go from 1 player away to this current state? Mind-boggling to say the least!

I guess I'm willing to continue to wait and see what this new GM has in mind--but I still find it hard to believe that Plumlee and Belinelli were the best we could get in return for Howard! There ain't no way that's the best offer we could get! No way! No Freaking Way! And I'm not a huge fan of Howard either but he wasn't awful last year! He must have been horrible in the locker room! Grant it his style of play is now a thing of the past-but didn't the Hawks realize that when they signed him?

Carroll gone

Horford gone

Teague gone

Korver gone

Millsap almost gone

Say what you want about those guys--but their time in Atlanta was the BEST time in Atlanta Basketball History--and for some reason this franchise couldn't wait to blow it up! Probably safe to say I won't see better team in my lifetime--Shlenk better have a quick plan and it better be a dang good one!