Down goes Notre Dame. So much for my all-ACC Final Four, huh?

I still have three ACC Final Four teams left. This is one. (AP Photo/Rainier Ehrhardt)

GREENVILLE, S.C. — Just lost one of my Final Four. It happens. (With me, it happens a lot.) Notre Dame was my iffiest choice, but I thought the Irish would be able to handle West Virginia. They didn’t. It’s March. It happens.

So far, this NCAA tournament has been maddening only in its lack of upsets. As of this moment, no No. 1, 2, 3 or 4 seed has lost. Only five double-digit seeds remain. One is Wichita State, which should never have been a No. 10. One is Xavier, which is a March fixture. One is Middle Tennessee State, which did this a year ago. (And, going way back to 1982, did it to Kentucky.)

Rhode Island is no surprise to anyone who paid attention to the Atlantic 10. The only surprise in the Round of 32 is Southern Cal, but is it a shock when a team from a Power 5 league wins a couple of games?

The bad thing about the lack of upsets is, duh, the lack of upsets. The good part is that you don’t get lopsided Round 2 matchups. And you know — I mean, you just KNOW — that form cannot hold much longer. Somebody of note is going to fall. Somebody’s going to shock the world. And technically, it is still possible for the ACC to send four teams to Phoenix. Notre Dame just won’t be one of them.

Dance music:

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