Falcons 33, Packers 32: That’ll be the score (again)

*** POSSIBLE VISUAL LEDE *** October 30, 2016 ATLANTA: — GAME WINNER — Falcons wide receiver Mohamed Sanu catches a touchdown pass from Matt Ryan past Packers defender Jake Ryan for a 33-32 victory in an NFL football game on Sunday, Oct. 30, 2016, in Atlanta. Curtis Compton /ccompton@ajc.com

Oct. 30, 2016. (Curtis Compton/AJC)

By now, you’re tired me saying I think the Atlanta Falcons will win the NFC championship. But hey: If I don’t say it now, when will I say it?

Falcons 33, Packers 32. Second verse, same as the first. (The first having come in this building on Oct. 30, the Birds scoring the winning touchdown at 0:31.)

Regular readers know that I yield to no one in my esteem for Football Outsiders. It was with bated breath that I awaited FO’s forecast on Ye Olde Title Tilt. And Aaron Schatz, the site’s founder and editor, picked …


Actually, he offered this: “Last team with the ball wins.”

Which isn’t a bad prediction, you’d have to admit, except that recent precedent showed that the next-to-last team with the ball prevailed. Matt Ryan managed the winning drive expertly — the trailing Falcons actually huddled, fearful of leaving Aaron Rodgers a chance to answer — and it was (as I wrote that day) almost with reluctance that Ryan found a leaping Mohamed Sanu when he did.

Green Bay’s response: A 7-yard completion to Jeff Janis; an overthrow of Jordy Nelson near midfield; a pass breakup by reserve cornerback C.J. Goodwin and finally a fourth-down throw to nobody. The Falcons’ defense had held.

I’ve been wrong about a lot of stuff involving these Falcons, but here’s how I finished that day’s missive: “This was the kind of victory that teams playing in January invariably reference as a touchstone.” And looky here.

And now: Your attention, please. I’ve been entrusted with doing the live blog from today’s championship game. You can join me on ajc.com here. I look forward to your company, and thank you, as ever, in advance.

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UNBELIEVABLE!! Quinn, Ryan, Jones, Sanu, plus a cast of winners.Congratulations!

I wonder how many fans think Jones was not worth 5 draft choices now?


That is why your job is in Atlanta and not Vegas :-)


Wow what a wipeout! When Ryan has time he's unstoppable.


The Falcons came out shooting... can't say the same for Green Bay! The Falcons rose up!


just two more points to 33 MB


It's definitely more accurate to say the team that scores last will win in a shootout.