Update: The Hawks have indeed traded Jeff Teague

Jeff Teague checks the Game 7 score. Doesn't like what he sees. (AJ Mast/AP)

Guessing he’s all but gone, folks. (AJ Mast/AP)

Update: The Atlanta Hawks have traded Jeff Teague to Indiana in a deal that is expected to bring the Utah Jazz’s No. 1 pick — the 12th overall — here. So that stuff about the No. 21 pick below is null and void. And I’m still not sure the Hawks can use the Nos. 12 and 21 picks to move into the top 10, which is where they’d need to be to draft Buddy Hield and/or Jamal Murray. But still: It’s a bold upward move that needed to be made. More in a bit.

As threatened, here’s the more: Trading Teague gives the Hawks a chance to retool.

The Atlanta Hawks hold the 21st pick in this NBA draft. It’s possible to find a real player there. Over the past 10 years, I count two very good players taken at No. 21 and two not-bads. The list:

2006: Rajon Rondo, Kentucky
2007: Daequan Cook, Ohio State
2008: Ryan Anderson, Cal
2009: Darren Collison, UCLA
2010: Craig Brackins, Iowa State
2011: Nolan Smith, Duke
2012: Jared Sullinger, Ohio State
2013: Gorgui Dieng, Louisville
2014: Mitch McGary, Michigan
2015: Justin Anderson, Virginia

The good ones are Rondo and R. Anderson. The not-bads are Sullinger and Dieng. (Cook was OK for a bit.) It should be noted that Rondo slipped to No. 21 because it was believed he’d clashed with Kentucky coach Tubby Smith and that Sullinger was available because of back issues. For a real talent to be available that late, there has to be a reason.

We also note that the 21st player taken in 2003 went to the Hawks. Three years later, he would be named the NBA’s most improved player. Alas, he was no longer playing for the Hawks. He’d been shipped to Phoenix in the Joe Johnson sign-and-trade. His name: Boris Diaw.

The point being: You can hope to find a contributing player at No. 21, but you might not. A year ago, these Hawks held the No. 15 pick and valued it so highly they traded it to New York for Tim Hardaway Jr., who hadn’t been starting for the 17-65 Knickerbockers. (He wouldn’t start for the Hawks, either.)

The Hawks enter this draft knowing they need to change – they just slipped from 60 wins to 48 – but can substantive change come via Pick No. 21? They’re not apt to find a difference-maker there, and it’s unlikely they could parlay that pick and Jeff Teague into a top five selection. (Into Buddy Hield or Jamal Murray, say.) Which isn’t to say they won’t trade Teague on Thursday. I’m guessing it’s 65-35 they will.

It’s time to see if Dennis Schroder can run this team, and Teague’s value will only diminish from here. (He’ll become a free agent next summer.) It has long been rumored that Philadelphia wants to trade one of its many young big men for Teague: Nerlens Noel was the first name floated, but later reports hold that Jahlil Okafor is more likely to go.

The two are very different. Noel can defend but isn’t much of a scorer or passer; Okafor can score but isn’t much of a defender. Noel’s skills wouldn’t fit Mike Budenholzer’s pace-and-space offense. Okafor is a low-post presence, which is never a bad thing, but his addition could force the Hawks to move parts they’d rather not move. Al Horford’s efficiency diminished slightly last season because – by his own admission – he played too much on the perimeter, and nobody sees Paul Millsap as a wing.

With Kyle Korver in decline and Teague on the way out, the best thing about the Hawks is the 4-5 tandem of Millsap and Horford. If they try to make that a 3-4 pairing, it won’t work half as well. Having Noel/Okafor would add to their talent base – and they need to add to that talent base – without necessarily making them a better team. (It’s also worth noting that Millsap and Horford will be on the high side of 30 when training camp commences.)

The Hawks have to re-sign Horford next month for any of this to be applicable. I believe they will. But keeping Horford wouldn’t add a major talent; it would only keep the Hawks from losing one. The best chance of finding such a player this offseason is by trading Teague, either by moving into the draft’s top 10 (possible but not probable) or by hooking a big-time veteran in return (a greater possibility).

It would be a surprise if the Hawks don’t make noise Thursday night: By trading Teague, by trading up, by trading down, by doing something. They’re not coming off 60 wins and the East’s No. 1 seed this time around. They can’t make do with tweaks anymore. They have to start changing their core. Shedding Teague and promoting Schroder would be the first step. Getting a talented player or two in exchange for Teague would be the best step.

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I don't think the Hawks should give Horford max money.   He's a PF playing Center, and it's showed for years.   One of the biggest issues with the Hawks is the lack of aggressive rebounding, rim protecting, and overall inside presence.

I think they would be better served going after Whiteside in free agency or maybe sign and trade Horford with the Kings for Cousins or the Pistons for Drummond.   All 3 of those guys are as productive as Horford or better, much younger, better fits at Center, and bigger than Horford.


Sad to see Teague go, but I don't blame the Hawks here.  They would be risking getting nothing for him next summer, and Schroder is so productive at just 22 years old.   He's got a lot of room to grow.  Teague maybe not so much.


I really love Teague but as always all I do is read you title, nothing else you say means a crap, but just like  a lot of the Atlanta entertainment  everyone one makes good moves and one of the best would be AJC trade you for a writer at our local paper that comes out once a week. who writes about farming you know more about dirt than ink


with this huge, blockbuster trade, and new draft pick----the hawks are now in the elite of the nba and will challenge for the title next year!! cleveland's going down!!! ATL #1!!!!


Where's Schultz?


So you are really implying that Philly would part with Okafor or Noel for a package of Teague and the 21st pick?  

Are you dreaming?  


Mark,  I must admit I find it rather damning that you don't know the Hawks record from the most recent season.  You may want to get your facts right before positioning yourself as someone to take seriously as a sports writer.


Mark, are there any 3-team trade opportunities including the 76ers that could bring a player to the Hawks that would make them better?  By better, I mean a better starting five, not deeper.