Fun with recruiting numbers: Is UGA slipping?

Johnny Football: Three-star prospect, All-American player. (Brant Sanderlin/AJC)

Johnny Football: Three-star prospect, All-American player. (Brant Sanderlin/AJC)

Johnny Football: Three-star prospect, All-American player. (Brant Sanderlin/AJC)

In advance of Signing Day, I’ve been playing around with recruiting numbers. (Thanks again to Rivals for the availability and simplicity of their data.) I noted several things, some of which will be presented in a Georgia/Georgia Tech combo-platter column that will be available on, our premium site. And, since you asked, here are Rivals’ respective national rankings for the local programs since Mark Richt arrived in Athens:

  • 2001: Georgia 16th; Tech 19th.
  • 2002: Georgia 3rd; Tech 63rd.
  • 2003: Georgia 6th; Tech 50th.
  • 2004: Georgia 9th; Tech 79th.
  • 2005: Georgia 10th; Tech 62nd.
  • 2006: Georgia 4th; Tech 57th.
  • 2007: Georgia 9th; Tech 18th.
  • 2008: Georgia 7th; Tech 49th.
  • 2009: Georgia 6th; Tech 49th.
  • 2010: Georgia 15th; Tech 43rd.
  • 2011: Georgia 5th; Tech 41st.
  • 2012: Georgia 12th; Tech 57th.
  • 2013: Georgia 12th; Tech 85th.

This tells us what we already know: Georgia is, duh, better at recruiting than Tech. The Bulldogs’ annual ranking over those 13 seasons was a rounded-off No. 9 in the nation, while Tech’s was No. 52. If we check Bill Bender’s Sporting News compilation of on-the-field records over the 16 years of the BCS’s existence, we note that the Bulldogs were an aggregate ninth-best in the land (and second-best to LSU in the SEC), which would seem in keeping with their recruiting hauls.

We must also note that Tech had the nation’s 26th-best winning percentage from 1998 through 2013, which would underscore a point made in this space last February: Tech is much better at playing football than recruiting football players.

We also note the following: From 2002 through 2009, Georgia finished second, third, second, second, second, sixth, third and third among SEC programs in recruiting. From 2010 through 2013, it has finished sixth, second, fourth and seventh among SEC teams. It’s projected to finish sixth in the conference (but No. 8 nationally) by Rivals this time.

In the grand scheme, that’s still really good. It’s just not quite as good as Georgia was doing, conference-wise, a little while back. That was when the Bulldogs had both Rodney Garner and Mike Bobo — listed as No. 2 and No. 3 on Jeremy Crabtree’s ESPN Insider ratings of the nation’s best recruiters — on staff. (Garner left for Auburn after the 2012 season.)

Most observers agree that recruiting in the SEC, never a gentle pursuit, got even more intense with Nick Saban’s arrival at Alabama in 2007. Not coincidentally, 2007 was the last year Georgia ranked ahead of Alabama — the Bulldogs were No. 9 nationally to the Tide’s No. 10 — in Rivals’ recruiting ratings. Bama won three BCS titles under Saban. As Bender notes, Georgia was the winningest team never to grace a BCS title game.

We can debate at length what all this means. If recruiting is everything, then how does Alabama — which has finished first in the nation every year save one from 2008 on and is projected to do it again — ever not win the national championship? If recruiting matters so much, then how has middling Tech gone to 17 consecutive bowls? If recruiting is an exact science, then why was Johnny Manziel a three-star prospect?

There’s a part of me that would love to tell you that recruiting is way overblown. There’s another part that is forced to concede that recruiting really does mean something. Every year at this time, I fight to reconcile those two stances. One of these years I might even manage to do it.

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DawgNole September 5th, 2012  5:22 pm

“I’m on a Tech blog because I follow Tech and pull for the Jackets in all games except those with UGA and FSU.”

DawgNole January 4th, 2013 6:13 pm

"Half of me pulled for the Dawgs, half for the Noles–depending on the game situation. Mixed feelings, torn, and still don’t know who I’d pull for if they play again."

DawgNole at 8:00 p.m. Dec. 6, 2013

“True that, TB--then and now.”

DawgNole at 4:48 p.m. Nov. 26, 2013

“I pulled for both teams in the '03 Sugar Bowl.”

DawgNole January 5th, 2013 10:38 pm


“You’re the only one who appears to have an issue with that.”


DawgNole September 3rd, 2012 6:33 pm

“I pull for both teams pretty much equally–and intensely"

 DawgNole October 16th, 2012 10:38 pm

“I said if UGA didn’t beat Missouri it likely would be another year of beating the pansies and losing to the others. Halfway through the season, we’ve beaten the pansies and lost to one of the two others.”

Posted by DawgNole at 10:36 p.m. Nov. 16, 2013

"It's well established that the Dawgs' schedules in '11 and '12 were not what they could've been in terms on strength."

Swamp Thing September 3rd, 2012 4:54 pm

“DawgNole (which end is the Dawg and which end is the Nole?)”



ThomasBrown at 5:35 a.m. Nov. 2, 2013

. . . FSU is so good with # 68 Strength of Schedule that they CANNOT make BCS Title game . . . .


Posted by Snagglepuss at 9:58 p.m. Dec. 25, 2013

"At the end of last season Saban was @ .7371 and CMR was @ .7468. Can you tell us at what time in history Saban passed CMR? CMR has had a better record than Saban all of his HC career until ______ 2013???????????????????"


(Answer) Mark Richt didn't have better Record than Nick Saban Oct 12, 2013 after loss to Vandy.

165-56-1 Nick Saban .7455
126-44 Mark Richt .7412

Also, Nick Saban was not .7371 at end of last season at 154-55-1 but .7357

Did I miss it or something, or are you an Alabama fan ?

.7371 is a number I cannot calculate for your statement Snaggletooth ?

Statement was made December 2013.

Exit, stage left Snaggletooth.

There have been a number of coaches whom Mark Richt has fallen behind at 54-25 starting 2008 a .6835 win percentage. At one point, Mark Richt was .8077 on his career at 42-10 David Greene and .8000 with DJ Shockley after 2005. At that point, Mark Richt had 2 SEC Championships and .80 Win Percentage. When you go .6835 at only 54-25 and have won but once on the road in 7 years and a month against a team who made the AP Poll Top 25, many more will pass him.

His recruiting is solid throughout the 13-year Mark Richt Era, but once 16-13 against teams who made AP Poll Top 25 after 2007 season, Mark Richt has gone 7-20 since.

The question I usually get asked since I do all this analysis, is do I like Mark Richt. The answer is of course, I love Mark Richt. He has fallen on hard times after 2007, and yes October 12 losing to unranked game time Vandy and unranked today Vandy, Nick Saban passed Mark Richt in Win Percentage beating Kentucky that day to be .7394 Mark Richt and .7442 Nick Saban October 12, 2013.

The question I have asked repeatedly Snaggletooth is what happened after 2007 to Mark Richt, and why do you hide behind your keyboard not saying you are an Alabama fan, Snaggletooth ?


@ThomasBrown: ". . . (Answer) Mark Richt didn't have better Record than Nick Saban Oct 12, 2013 after loss to Vandy . . . 

"The question I usually get asked since I do all this analysis, is do I like Mark Richt . . . ."


Hello? We didn't play Vandy last season until Oct 19. Duh. And I don't think anybody's beating down the door to question you based on "all this analysis" you "do"--since it's invariably flawed. Oh, by the way, NOBODY cares about your "love" for the coach you incessantly criticize, so you might want to keep your private affairs to yourself.

Furthermore, you posted after that Vandy game that the Dawgs had won it. Fool.

ThomasBrown at 10:01 a.m. Nov. 26, 2013

Excuse me :
UGA Wins :
9-2 South Carolina
7-4 North Texas
8-3 LSU
4-7 vols
7-4 Vanderbilt
4-7 Florida
4-8 Appalachian State
2-9 Kentucky . . . .


ThomasBrown....Pruitt has the credentials and he has talented recruits...two great combinations. I've read a lot of negative comments about Richt, but remember, he did not hurt the offense and he had little control over the defense.

Musclecar....sound reasoning! Coaching is the key to getting the most out of recruits. Richt is a good coach and good coaches surround themselves with equally good coaches. Maybe Pruitt is the missing piece to a great 2014. Alabama is sound in all coaching areas(I don't know about Kiffin) You can't be a champion without it.

2014 has got to be a great year for the Dawgs or Richt is really going to be in trouble. He has my vote......for now!!


It is about coaching when you look at these statistics. Get the highly rated recruits and coach them well.

Why was Florida so bad last year ?...........................COACHING

Why hasn't  GEORGIA won a National Championship ? ...............................................COACHING

In the last four years, nobody in college football has signed more four- and five-star players than Alabama and Florida, according to ESPN's recruiting rankings.

The Crimson Tide and Gators are dead even with 66 apiece during that span, which covers the 2010-13 signing classes. The Gators lead the way with eight five-star prospects during the last four classes.

Florida, on the other hand, hasn't even been to the SEC championship game in the last four years and is coming off its first losing season since 1979. The Gators won 11 games in 2012 and played in the Sugar Bowl that season. But in three of the last four years, the Gators have lost five or more games.

From a national perspective, after Alabama and Florida, Texas checks in with 60 four- and five-star signees over the last four years. Then it's Georgia with 57 and Auburn and Florida State with 54 apiece. Only Georgia has not been to a BCS National Championship game.


@MUSCLECAR  You are going to get thrown under the bus.....Kool-Aid drinkers are out in force.


Espn recruiting nation This is what wrong Georgia according to espn our border states get all their top in state recruits. Alabama top 15 players either going to play for Ala or Auburn, Tennessee top in state player 7 of 10 top going to Tenn or vandy. Florida 7 of their top 10 stayed in state. South Carolina 7 of their top 10 stayed in state. Georgia only 2 and a possible 3 of top 10 recruits stayed in state . Guys stay at home bc you're helping other states with NC.


There's a lot of hype in the blogs about recruiting. Of course it's important to sign the highest rated players. Every football program wants the best, or those rated the best. Being a top rated 5 star recruit means that your potential is greater than a 3 star recruit, but it doesn't mean that 5 star will reach that potential, and it doesn't mean the 3 star won't reach elite status. I guess the main thing to remember is these are 18&19 year old kids and you don't know how they will react to big time football. In high school as in college, coaching is what develops talent and as in college, there are great coaches that can get the best out of a recruit regardless of his star status.

The Dawgs offense has ranked as one of the best over the last few years, but the defense would cost them 4-5 games a year. Pruitt has the seasoning of some of the best coaches in the game today and he should bring back memories of the Junkyard Dawgs. Just think where the Dawgs would have been ranked if they had only given up an average of 25 points a game instead of 30. I think Pruitt will take care of that problem.


@TideDawg That'd be nice, but he only has 1 year experience as a Defensive Coordinator; and, our Defense and Special Teams are an utter mess.


@ThomasBrown @TideDawg  UTTER MESS.....and just who's fault is that? The problem starts at the TOP. We are in a constant state of correcting at Georgia and yet no one will point the blame at the head coach.....MIND BOGGLING!!!!!

TideDawg, Pruitt is a great hire and if he does not get washed out the door with Richt he will get the defense turned around in time.


UGA's recruiting is only going to get better with Pruitt! You fellows forget that Bryan McClendon is ranked # 3 recruiter by 247 sports. Pruitt is ranked #7. The future so bright!


@Dawg350  Yep. Now instead of top 8 classes UGA will pull in top 5 classes. Im sure it will make a huge difference.


South Carolina not Alabama is the real measure here for Georgia. The fact that Georgia has beaten them only once in four games and the Georgia team that beat them was maybe the worst of the group and that South Carolina team was maybe as good any in the SEC leaves me really scratching my head. Of course that same South Carolina lost to Tenn. leaving them home for Missouri, this time, in Atlanta. Studying South Carolina’s schedule opens the argument that the best team in the east does not always go to the championship game. Even this hard schedule Georgia had this year could not be seen even last year. Someone moved the furniture on Georgia, Missouri was a push over and Auburn was the worst team in the west, Georgia couldn’t have hand written an easier schedule on paper for themselves. Even Clemson got a piece of Georgia, after Georgia had a full year to prepare and at some point walked on the field with all its team in tack.It took them overtime to beat an also run in the ACC, Tech.

What Georgia does is dodge the competition, hype the recruiting, ignore character in their recruits, refuse to acknowledge the inferior coaching and get away with murder in the local press. Auburn, Alabama, Missouri, South Carolina and now Mississippi fix things; Georgia is satisfied being an allusion.


But, Peachs, you're a Georgie tek fan, right ?  Mark Richt has a winning record against Steve Spurrier as head coach.  And, how did we dodge the competition playing 7 teams ranked for the season, beating # 4 South Carolina AND # 14 LSU ?  How do we hype the recruiting to the NFL avg recruiting rank # 9 and 79 NFL Draft Picks Mark Richt Era, in which he is also # 5 in most wins ?


Peach....why do you take out the E for? Lmao!


Face it, if you're a chit hot kid coming out of HS and you hope to play for and possibly win a NC, your first 10 choices aren't UGA. 

Richt has had 13 seasons to win a NC and hasn't even made it to the game yet.  Malzahn made it to the game in one season and Fisher made it to the game and won in his fourth season. 



Mark Richt averages # 9 recruiting ranking all 13 seasons, 79 NFL Draft Picks through 2013, and # 5 in most wins Mark Richt Era.

Neither FSU nor Auburn has done better than Mark Richt at any of these # 9 avg recruiting class, 79 NFL Draft Picks nor # 5 in most wins Mark Richt Era, which is why one dozen (12) of the top recruits a their position in the United States of America have selected Mark Richt as their coach :

# 13 Safety in the nation Kendall Gant.

# 13 DT nation Lamont Gaillard

# 19 DE Keyon Brown

# 11 OG Isaiah Wynn

# 21 OT Dyshon Sims

# 26 OT Kendall Baker

# 14 MLB Detric Dukes

# 8 QB Jacob Park

# 11 CB Malkom Parrish

# 9 RB Nick Chubb

# 2 RB Sony Michel

# 4 TE Jeb Blazevich

Now, what was it you said ? Auburn is your team ?  FSU is your team ?  That would make you AUFSU ?


@ThomasBrown @Andy123  What is your team? You sound like a 2 year old crybaby. My team is Georgia and I hate guys like you in the stands or even following the game.....always an excuse,

All your numbers look great with our commits except when you put them up against....Auburn, Tennessee, Alabama, Texas A&M, Florida and LSU. That is my point and your are crazy if you think we are doing great in state.


@Andy123 Thanks for your input Andy. We will give it all of the consideration that it deserves.




This is not your thread.  This is a thread Andy and I are discussing.

Then, you throw your hat in the ring.


Hogwash RealProblem, that you hate guys like me when not 1 time in my lifetime have I ever made up any excuses.  There is not 1 time that has ever happened. 

Our numbers look great until you put them up you whine, again having no clue about that which you go in public and make a fool of yourself discussing, against 6 teams Mark Richt has a 30-23 record against.

It they so much better than Mark Richt, why is he 30-23 vs the 6 teams you list RealProblem sir ?

8-5 vs Auburn including Mark Richt winning 6 of current 8.

9-4 vs vols including Mark Richt winning 5 of the current 6.

3-2 vs Alabama

1-0 vs Texas A & M

5-8 vs Florida including Mark Richt winning last 3 in a row

4-4 vs LSU including beating LSU # 14 this season

5 times I asked you who your team is, and only then do you reluctantly finally answer that you say you are a Georgia fan.  Excuse me, if you were an UGA fan, no one would have to ask you what team you are a fan of.

And, for your B.S. about 6 teams Mark Richt cannot compete with, he does not have a losing record to any of the 6 you named except 1 whom he has beat 3 times in a row now.

What the real problem is is that you're you say an UGA fan hiding behind the handle RealProblem.  An UGA fan would say : I am not satisfied with 26 losses the current 6-year period and have specific items I want us to address such as Special Teams failing to even try to do anything other than fair catch, Defense confused who to play and who not to play, or where to be when they are in there. Defense giving up too many points, team losing too many away games against SEC teams with winning SEC record that year, too many losses to ranked teams that season.

But no.  Not you.  Not Real Problem.  You have to say you hate me because I make up excuses.

Not you, not Real Problem.

You have to say that we cannot compete with 6 teams, and list 5 of 6 we do not have a losing record against, and only 1 we do  - and, Mark Richt has beat them 3 times in a row.

You are so FOS RealProblem that to read your B.S. son, makes me puke.


@ThomasBrown  Correct me if I am have told me what a wonderful job Richt has done against Auburn, Alabama, Florida and LSU. 

For the record...during that time frame Alabama 3NC, Auburn 1NC, Florida 2NC, LSU 1NC and Georgia ZERO National Championships.

Sorry, I do not buy into your Richt's a great coach bull. START PUKING..........



Makes you puke? Not surprised. Always figured you and Moist were in bed together.


Recruiting does matter. FSU's 2011 class I think it was ranked no. 1 or no. 2 in the nation depending on who you listen to. 3 years later a national title. Not every 5 star kid works out. But enough of them do. And it looks like Bama is about to wrap up yet another top ranked recruiting class on Wednesday.


@ThulsaDoom Yep.  Enough of them do.  So many of the top-rated players nationally at their position end up in the NFL that it is far more likely the top rated h.s. recruits nationally at their position go on to the NFL.

Johnny Manziel was ranked # 13 best dual-threat qb nationally by and # 22 by and had Scholarship Offers to choose between Texas A & M and Stanford and Oregon for example.  6' 1" now that we know Aaron Murray is only  6 feet and 3/8 inch, 6' 1" and 193 lbs Johnny Manziel was National h.s. coach Assoc Football Player of the Year having 1,674 yards rushing 30 TD and 65.7 % completions for 45 TD only 5 Int. 3,609 Passing Yards senior year alone.  Junior year 1,529 yards rushing 33 TD and 2,782 yds Passing Junior. 

Johnny Manziel Mark Bradley proclaimed # 1 football player in nation for beating Dook who beat no one.  10-4 Dook of ACC # 3 best team Dook.  Johnny Football beat no one all 2013.  He lost 4 games 2013.  Texas A & M as The SEC # 8 played in the Peach Bowl # 8 SEC vs # 3 ACC.  Dook has not won a bowl game since 1961, over 50 years.

4.53 in 40-yard dash Oregon Stanford Texas A & M all wanted him to be their QB.  Where would Stanford had been had he accepted their Scholarship to be their QB ?

# 14 Rivals # 22 best Dual-Threat QB in the nation of 393 Dual-Threat QB nationally.

Johnny Manziel was 1 of the top-rated dual-threat QB at # 14 or # 22 of 393.  Now, he leaves early to the NFL where several other quarterbacks will be taken ahead of him by the NFL, who covets now dual-threat QB.

1550 on his SAT, Johnny Manziel wanted to play in The SEC.

He beat Choke-la-homa and Alabama.  That's it for his wins in college.

He Lost to LSU last year 2012 and again this season just ended in a blow-out.  He lost to Florida

2012.  He lost to Alabama this season just ended, 2013.  He lost to Auburn 2013.  He lost to LSU again 2013.  He lost to Missouri 2013.

Who did Johnny Football beat this season ?

No one.

# 8 SEC team and # 4 in The West SEC.  Get to play in Peach Bowl vs team not won bowl game in over 50 years.

I do not think that recruiting missed on Johnny Football  They knew almost exactly whom it is he is.

I am uncertain of the team who will Draft Johnny Football.  Who will that team be ?  Who will they beat with him ?

If Johnny Football is the best player in the nation as Mark Bradley proclaims 2014 now, why are these other players selected by the NFL ahead of Johnny Football ?

Teddy Bridgewater and Blake Bortles will be drafted ahead of Johnny Manziel. 

And Derek Carr a Redshirt Sophomore some say is better as well.

There are several others who might do better than Mark Bradley's best player nation 2014

Zach Mettenberger who is only 5.18  in the 40-yard dash might do as well in his NFL career as little Johnny Manziel.  Have to see how he comes back from his injury, but before his injury, I might have taken the Watkinsville native if I had a pick and needed an NFL QB.

Jimmy Garoppolo might be good in the NFL as QB and he is short too as is Derek Carr.

This is where Johnny Manziel is and who he is is well documented.

How is this any different than when Stanford Oregon Texas A & M and Rivals rated him # 14 dual-threat QB from h.s. ?

If you get enough of these guys, as you correctly say ThulsaDoom, your team will do well.  Are National Championships won by # 89 at their position nationally as Georgie tek's class is 2014 ?

Is Mark Richt # 9 avg recruiting class all 14 years ?

Is Mark Richt # 5 in number of wins 2001-2013 entire career here too ?

I like Mark Richt.

This is the # 1 reason why.  The kids love him and that is good enough for me.

Do I like his coaching staffs 2001-2013 ?  Absolutely not.  He has done a poor job of hiring coaches his 1st thirteen seasons here.  I already like 2014 better at what his problems are not being better than # 9 avg recruiting and # 5 in wins both for his entire career here.

The problem Mark Richt has is that he loses too many games.  He has head-scratching losses all 13 seasons.  He has losses, mounting losses the current 6-year and current 4-year periods.  He has gone 7 years and 3 months with 1 lone win on the road vs a ranked team these seasons.  And, that lone win would have had to be vacated had we not won.

Once 16-13 vs teams ranked those seasons 2001-2007

He's only 7-22 since vs teams ranked those seasons after 2007.

29 games 2001-2007, and 16 wins !

29 games since, 7 wins.

I love Mark Richt but he has to fix this, and he knows that.  You could see it on his face all season long. 

He did beat # 25 Nebraska, # 23 Vanderbilt and # 9 Florida last year 2012.

He did beat # 4 South Carolina and # 14 LSU this year 2013.

He needs to fix his Special Teams who used to return punts and kick-offs.

Now, he is content to fair catch both, like we can afford that 54-26 six seasons now.

Content with 2 wins over # 4 and # 14 and lose to  # 25 # 24 # 8 # 5 # 2.


We have to be better than 7 wins 22 losses vs teams ranked for the season after 2007.

Am I giving Mark Richt a break ? I hardly think so.  But, darn it all, his recruiting is not his issue.  And, not his recruiting in this state either.  We're not the best team, and are # 10 all-time in wins, # 5 in his tenure.  I want more.  If Mark Richt cannot correct his hiring practices here, then he will in his next gig, FSU sure wanted him to replace Bobby Bowden when he took this gig, and took all this time to recover losing him.  He just does not know how to hire a coaching staff.  Too many buddies.  Too many nobodies.  Too many no one really wants to promote.  Too many who have lost too many games current 6-year period.

26 Losses 6 years. 4 and a third losses a year for 6 years is too many at UGA # 10 all-time wins.

We pass the ball too much.  We don't run the ball enough.  We get our TB recruits in the games, but we do not get our QB recruits in the games.  We leave 1 guy in there at QB every snap even against poor teams.  We have not prepared a back-up QB since DJ Shockley.  Do you have any idea how many years ago that was ?  We have not had a top Defense. Brian VanGorder quit working with Mark Richt and up and left him to go coach linebackers at Jacksonville, a horrible team.  A team who if they had anything, they had a plethora of great linebackers.  They did not need a linebackers' coach with that talent at that position.  Brian VanGorder left after 2004 season.  Our issues began after 2007 season.  Brian VanGorder was better than Willie Martinez and better than Todd Grantham.  Mark Richt has made poor coaching staff hires.  I do not covet the DC who played against a Down SEC those years.  Certainly not The SEC it is now, back then.  2002 there was only 1 other SEC team ranked besides us in the Coaches' Poll for 2002.  # 14 with 4 losses Auburn.  Brian VanGorder's Defense beat # 4 vols in his transition year 2001 when he also lost 4 games 8-4 and never did beat a team after # 4 vols in 2001, who made the AP Poll Top 10 for all those seasons.

If Brian VanGorder so bloody great why has he floundered from one bad job to another for 10 years since he quit UGA and quit Mark Richt to coach a horrible team Jacksonville their linebackers ?  You've never heard that an UGA fan feels that Mark Richt has not hired good coaching staffs all 13 seasons ?  Where have you been ?  Who sits around you at the games ?  Oh, you don't go to the games ?

Brian VanGorder ?  You want him, you can go root for Notre Dame who is in a worse slump than we are.

I'd like to be better, love to have Junkyard Defense we had when we split time RR Tracks and our Seasons' Tickets.  Would I have traded Brian VanGorder for Willie Martinez or Todd Grantham ?  No way.  Brian VanGorder does NOT look the part to me. He beat 1 Top 10 team his 1st season here # 4 vols and not another who made the Top 10 after that.

If you want Brian VanGorder, if you covet a journeyman coach no one considers at the top of his profession, have at it - go get the guy who quit our program and quit Mark Richt catching Mark Richt by surprise.  You can have him.  He is no Erk Russell.

I do not know if Jeremy Pruitt is more than that, or not.  He's been 1 year Defensive Coordinator anywhere in his lifetime.  He beat # 2 Auburn and # 8 Clemson and # 23 cough cough Dook. Who did Clemson beat ?  Ohio State who beat no one  Who did Dook beat ? No one at all whatsoever.  Auburn ?  Seriously, Auburn ?  Does anyone really believe Auburn is the # 2 best team in America ? Auburn has no defense.  Rodney Garner.  They've got Rodney Garner.  He who called it tough love here of his DL here where he did not play his DL for a decade and a half here.

I do not covet guys who quit here at UGA to go elsewhere. Do as you please. 

Our recruiting, as verified recruiting rankings of # 9 average all 14 years now, verified by 79 NFL Draft Picks that we don't have an issue recruiting with Mark Richt # 5 in wins Mark Richt Era, are not our issue.

Recruiting is the issue at Georgie tek. 

You are right ThulsaDoom Recruiting does matter.  So too does a coaching staff, right Mark Richt ?  And, a Defense, and Special Teams and running the damn football when you have all these studs at RB.


@ThomasBrown @ThulsaDoom  The kids love him and that is good enough for me. Please, well lets hire a bunch of 19 year old girls to run the team. 

It is horrible Georgia fans like you that are the are in a delusional world if you think Richt is all of a sudden going to win big games.



Have you got a problem with girls, too, RealProblem among all your other problems son ?

All of a sudden Mark Richt win a big game, you D.A. ?

Mark Richt has beat 4 teams who are Top 10 teams for the season, including # 4 South Carolina this most recent 2013 season and # 9 Florida in the season before this.  He beat # 6 LSU in 2005 to win The SEC Championship.  He beat # 4 vols in 2001.  If these are not big games, what the hell is, you D.A. Real Problem ?

Mark Richt has beat 23 teams ranked for the season.

You don't know what you're talking about RealProblem.  You don't go to the games.  You just troll in here from time to time acting as if you know and throw out generalizations in public about which you know nothing.

You make yourself out the fool, son.

If you have some point to make, don't list  teams we cannot compete with whom Mark Richt does not have  losing record to, except 1 and them he's beat 3 years' running now.

Bring something to table.

If you are capable.

Let me give you an example :

"I RealProblem, gave up my seasons' tickets because Mark Richt cannot compete  with Auburn, vols, Alabama, Texas A & M, Florida and LSU."


According to, the State of Georgia has produced 6.8% of the FBS signees over the past five years (2008-2013). Of course, Texas, Florida, and California are the Big Three. However, the Big Three have to split the talent between multple big time programs. UGA really has no in-state competition. By comparison Alabama and Louisianna each produce only 2.6% of the FBS signees.

The question is: Where would UGA be if we ever had a football staff that were able to recruit the way that Bama, LSU, and, to a lesser extent Auburn, recruits?

UGA should be top three every year! The very best players in Alabama, and Louisianna, sign with there in-state schools., Those schools are then dependent on out-of-state talent to comprise their championship teams...much of that talent is from Georgia..  


@LADawg "Where would UGA be if we ever had a football staff"  Correct if you stopped there LADawg.  Our coaching staffs have been poor, but our recruiting is not the issue.  The coaching staffs of Mark Richt current 6-year period have 26 losses - 4.3 a year - way too many losses.  For his 1st seven seasons here Mark Richt was 16-13 vs teams ranked for the season.  7-22 since.  This is because our coaching staffs have been our issue.  Not 1 of whom has anyone promoted from their position here.  They have been good recruiters.  6.8 percent of FBS signees 2008-2013 and The University of Georgia Bulldogs only make up .008 of FBS.  We cannot sign 272 recruits every year.  We're not the # 1 program.  We're # 10 all-time in wins.  Do we wish we could have had some of those guys ?  Sure.  But, is recruiting our issue # 9 avg recruiting class instead of you saying we should avg # 4 when we're # 5 in wins Mark Richt Era  ? I say it's the coaching staffs who have squandered the talent we do have.  So, no I say.  Our issue is not recruiting.  Our issue is 7-22 after 2007 vs teams ranked for the season compared to 16-13 prior.  We lose too many games.  Our coaching staffs have made poor adjustments to the talent they do have, pass too much, don't run enough, have no one responsible for even trying to return punts and kick-offs any more when we certainly did until after 2007.  Our Defense has been coached by neophytes a buddy and then an OL from VT who devised a 3-4 we're now moving away from that he never could teach even to 8 NFL players he had until last year 2012.  We've not even known who to play and who not on D.  We had a coach for D who distracted his players ranting and raving at them about not doing what he coached them to do, when none of them have understood what the heck his system meant for them to be doing on the play.  He was fired as he DC at the only other place he was DC.  This hothead replaced another neophyte before him, who also knew nothing about coaching or being a DC, and neither of them could recruit. They both replaced the better DC than either of them who up and quit to go to Jacksonville in that hell hole with that horrible team there, and has floundered everywhere he's been since quitting here.

Coaching Staff, that is what we need.  We still have not addressed our special teams, nor our pass-happy offense too prone to interceptions, fumbles and sacks of the QB, and who knows if a 1-year DC is all of a sudden Erk Russell or not ?

Recruiting is not our issue or we wouldn't be # 9 avg recruiting class # 5 wins Mark Richt Era both with 79 NFL Draft Picks to validate our recruiting.

We do go into South Carolina, Florida, and North Carolina in huge big recruiting issues for all of them because of us there.

If we as a program cannot get used to the fact that only 3 states produce more high recruits who go on to the NFL than here, and that we are allowed to only sign 10  % of them here, then we shall forever be wasting our time discussing what is not an issue instead of what you start discussing here LADawg of the poor coaching staffs of Mark Richt all 13 seasons - especially the current 6 years' worth.

Normally, you are talking about the coaching staffs here LADawg, sir.  You are right about that.

Recruiting is not our issue, but Georgie tek's.

Our coaching staffs have not been disciplined and not prepared and not made adjustments or played the right players, nor had the proper scheme in any of the 3 phases of the game.


And Wet.....

UCF, USF, FSU, and Miami all want to play Florida (their in state school competition) because playing the Gators either guarantees a sell out at their place....or a big payout for coming to Gainesville to play before 90,000 plus fans.  



UF has never played at USF or UCF - or at Florida International, Florida Atlantic, Florida A&M - all of the games were in Gainsville.


@TampGator1 Worry about beating a team who does go even to a bowl game, and getting an offense to save Will Muschamp's job next year, and beating us which he's guaranteed for 3 years' running now and has failed to all 3 now 49-40-2 overall in our series.

Toledo # 34 in wins since 1957 tied with Georgie tek did not play in a bowl game, and Georgie tek for the 8th time current 9 bowl games, wished they did not play in a bowl game either, losing to two SEC teams in a row both about # 10 in The SEC to end their season.

Any other discussion of what you say I cannot say to you, is so much flapping in the wind.  You had an opportunity in-state there with both Miami and FSU in turmoil for so many years.  You are not blessed with that, now, are you TampGator1 ?

Your bragging here of Florida crocodiles and whining after the game last year that the refs stole the game from Florida, have grown old TampGator1.  How many Florida fans do you see here on these AJ-C blogs ?


TampaGator        October 24th, 2011     2:30 pm

"Like the Dawg fans, I hope the Georgia players are thinking they are going to “blow out” the Gators this coming weekend. That would give the Gators a good chance in the game. Frankly, if Georgia does not win this year, the Dawgs may never beat the Gators again.   A healthy Brantley gives the Gators a chance in the game. 

But….again…..Richt’s coaching career at Georgia might ride on him guiding Georgia to victory in this game. Lose….and every Dawg fan will want his neck in a round, tight rope.

This game will also speak volumes about Muschamp’s ability to coach up his players for a big game."


You did not beat us then, the following year, nor despite your whining about the officials last year either.



fla is the team that has ended the series with Miami. Perhaps that's because the gators have lost 7 of their past 8 games vs the 'Canes.


Wet Willie......

Florida plays a top 5 schedule year in and year out.  Next year.....their schedule is currently ranked the 2nd most difficult in the country, just behind Arkansas at #1 and Tennessee at #3   The Gators play a difficult SEC schedule every year....including Bama, LSU, Georiga, SC, and Missouri next year......and then FSU.  They played Miami and FSU last year.  Not sure what the hell your point is.  A difficult schedule every year is a difficult schedule every year, be it played mostly in the state of Florida or not. Bama has Auburn in state. Not much else to speak of.  Florida has Florida, FSU, Miami, Central Florida, and USF.....all in former BCS conferences.  And Florida has played all of them in years past.  And by the way, Bama's 2014 schedule is currently ranked #36 hardest in the nation.  Maybe you should spend more time researching why Bama does not play a harder schedule instead of posting about a school that annually plays one of the hardest schedules in the country.....that being the University of Florida.  



Who gives a rats' behind how tough your schedule is when not 1 team you beat even played in a bowl game ?

We played 7 teams ranked for the season 2013, and beat # 4 South Carolina, # 14 LSU and we damn sure beat you again.


The Buckeye....I got off those Ga. coat tails long enough to step on your little toes about your mighty OSU Buckeyes. I'm oh so sorry!:o)) There may come a time when your Buckeyes will be able to beat an SEC SEC SEC team.....but you have to schedule one of them for that to happen. Not likely!!

Yeah! Yeah! The Tide is on a 2 game losing streak, but the future looks bright again in 2014. The Dawgs, with a new DC, can look to 2014 with great expectations. Life is good!!


Realisticfan.....there's truth in what you say. But ask the kids who they want to play for and why. I think the majority are waiting for the championship caliber teams to come calling. No one is clamoring to go to GT, Vandy, Duke, etc. They do get some good recruits, but not many. Most SEC teams now have the potential to win, hence an up grade in recruiting classes.

ChetThomas.....Not that my opinion is worth more than a 5 star recruit's commitment, but I agree with your analysis.


I would reconcile those two statements by saying that recruiting matters a great deal but it is at best an inexact science. Who knows how a player is going to grow/develop? Who can tell how a player is going to handle the transition of going from High School with a few hundred students to UGA with 20,000. You can examine the players records, crunch the numbers, and do all the research you want to, but at the end of the day recruiting is akin to rolling the dice.



No ChetThomas, recruiting is not akin to rolling the dice.  A recruit ranked near the top at his position nationally by the recruiting services paid millions, is far more likely to make NFL than not.

You're just wrong.


@ThomasBrown @ChetThomas  

Note your use of the term "more likely." While recruiting services can spot talent, there is no such thing as a "sure thing." Remember Isaiah Crowell and the phenomenal four years he spent at UGA? Yeah, neither do I. 

My point is that you never really know how well any given player is going to turn out. I stand by my statement. 


@ChetThomas "recruiting is akin to rolling the dice"

Your statement is that it is rolling the dice ChetThomas.  By your own admission the top-rated recruits are far more likely to make the NFL than not.

You roll the dice that well ?


You are just making an impossible statement to prove.  Seriously, Isaiah Crowell you think cannot play the game of football ?


Freshman All-America First Team by, and Yahoo Sports.

SEC Freshman of the Year by Associated Press and

You think that this proves Isaiah Crowell cannot play football ?

Good Lord.

Named to the Maxwell Award Watch List.

Isaiah Crowell was just a horrible football player, could not play a lick, horrible assessment by recruiting services.  Obviously no talent at all.  Obviously did not help UGA at all in 2011.

Recruiting Services might as well just flip a coin to determine who has any damn talent and who doesn't.

"You can examine the players records, crunch the numbers, and do all the research you want to, but at the end of the day recruiting is akin to rolling the dice."

Uh, if you knew anything at all about recruiting, you would know that the top-rated recruits in the nation at their position are 5 to 1 odds on making the NFL, and the further down the list you go, the more likely they are to not.

Coin Flip indicates 50 %, or no ability to name the outcome at all.

Standing by that, when the coin tosses are stacked 5 to 1 against you, is at best uninformed and at worst a bold-faced lie.


Did you know.....

It's now going to be at least 24 years since the Gators have left the state of Florida for a regular season Non-Conference game. They used to play Miami and FSU and now it's just FSU (Idaho, Eastern Michigan and Eastern Kentucky all home) fills the road non-conf. game. Their last non-conference road win (not in state) was AT Memphis in 1989 and their last win against a major non-conf. game (not in state) was Ga. Tech in September 1980 (Carter was in office).

Saw this posted on another site.....



UF played at the U in 2013,  You are correct about them not playing an out of state OOC game in the regular season though


They also play UGA at the Gator Bowl every year.